Chef Ivana Raca has already achieved unparalleled success in what has traditionally been a male dominated field.

The first female to hold the position of saucier in any of McEwan’s kitchens, Ivana received another promotion making her sous chef on the team that opened ONE Restaurant by the age of 24, Ivana was selected as the first female Executive Chef for the six million dollar food emporium McEwan Foods.

Ivana entered one of the first Underground Chef Battles in Toronto and to no one’s surprise, made it to the final round. Her competitive spirit was most recently on view on the Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay”. He quoted the best gnocchi he has ever had.

She is now a proud partner at all female-run Ufficio restaurant and has recently opened Resto Boemo and Chef’s Table at Assembly Chef’s Hall.

See menu below!

1214 Dundas St W, Toronto, M6J 1X5


Dinner Menu

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